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This page will contain all the information I have been able to find regarding the Genevan Psalter.  These articles have been gathered from various sources, including books old and recent, websites, magazines, and university archives.  Most are out of print.  Many have been transcribed from photocopies.  My own introduction is based on information gleaned from the rest of these sources, pasted together with my own opinions.
Michael E. Owens, March 3, 2009

Note: I have many other articles to post, which I will do as I get time and permission.  If you're interested please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

1 Dennis Tietsma article
2 Michael Owens Introduction
3 Michael Owens Interview
4 Jan van Biezen article
5 James Jordan article
6 John Calvin Introduction
7 Andrew Wilson-Dickson page
8 van Velsen comments
9 Louis Benson discussion 1
10 Louis Benson discussion 2
11 Friedrich Blume discussion
12 David Breed discussion
13 Clarion discussions
14 Edward Dickinson discussion
15 Harry Eskew discussion
16 Charles Etherington discussion
17 Original French Titles
18 Bill Hoover discussion
19 John Julian article
20 David Koyzis article
21 Millar Patrick discussion
22 William Reynolds discussion
23 Dennis Royall article
24 Duck Schuler articles
25 Smith Creek discussion