Psalm 2

Douglas Wilson, 2000©

  1. Why do the heathen nations vainly rage?
    What prideful schemes are they in vain devising?
    The kings of earth and rulers all engage
    In evil plots, and in their sin contriving,
    They take their stand against our God’s Messiah;
    They claim they will not keep His binding chains.
    The one enthroned in highest heaven, higher,
    Mocks them to scorn, on them derision rains.
  2. He speaks to them in righteous, holy wrath;
    God vexes them and shows His great displeasure.
    “Yet have I set My King upon the path
    That upward winds to Zion, My own treasure.”
    “‘You are My Son, today You are begotten,’
    – I will declare what God has said to Me–
    ‘And not one tribe will ever be forgotten.
    You will receive the world, just ask of Me.’”
  3. “‘The nations come; You are the only Heir,
    The ends of earth will be Your own possession
    And broken with a rod of iron there,
    Rebellious pottery comes to destruction.’”
    Now serve the LORD, with fear and gladness trembling,
    And therefore, O ye kings, seek wisdom here.
    How blessed are those who trust without dissembling,
    Who kiss the Son and bow in reverent fear.