Psalm 29

W. van der Kamp, 1967

  1. O you mighty, give the LORD
    Strength and praise with one accord;
    Sing His glory and His fame,
    Worship in His courts His Name.
    O’er the waters rolls His thunder,
    Lightning tears the clouds asunder.
    Hear, God’s voice is full of splendor;
    Earth, to Him your praises render.
  2. Cedars shatter, forests fall,
    Mountains shudder at His call.
    Like a calf leaps Lebanon,
    Like a wild ox Sirion.
    God’s voice, flames from heaven flashing,
    And His thunders loudly crashing
    Shake the wilderness, and broken
    Lie its oaks when He has spoken.
  3. God’s voice strips the forest bare.
    In His temple they all cry:
    “Glory to the LORD on high!”
    He for whom the nations shiver
    Founds His throne on flood and river.
    May the LORD give strength and power,
    Peace upon His people shower.